Tuesday, January 4, 2011

For the love of joy

these ever so beautiful
Michelia Champacca's
are currently gracing our driveway
such an adorable scent

did you know
that this is the flower which the perfume
is made from
will be back soon
with my giveaway
happy new year
i hope you are surrounded by love, friendship and health

1 comment:

Carolee said...

Hello Debra. I couldn't find an email from the link you left when you commented on my blog so I'm answering here :)
YES I send out my quilting to be done. I have not mastered the stippling myself and once my quilts are done I don't dare ruin them with my own practicing. It is expensive and adds to the quilt price. I have a better quilting machine coming so I may give it a go myself.
I'm glad you are quilting. It is so much fun....and addictive. Keep going, even with limited time you can accomplish a treasure.
Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks so much for your sweet comments. I love getting feedback and making new friends! Have a great day.


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