Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why am i disappointed

My first 'real' quilt and i have to say
i am a little disappointed
why....when we try everything to make sure its all going ok
do we falter...

i do believe i am being a little hard on myself and a little too much of a
perfectionist.....conditioning, i believe
i have used a combination of new and recycled materials here
probably not such a good idea
as the recycled (old floral sheet which i loved and could not throw out)still seems to have
some movement in it, especially the larger sections
i have a day off tomorrow and as the weather here in the mountains of SEQ is wet and dreary
i plan to sew the day away...well.... quilt the day away
also a few swaps i have joined
it seems the quilting bug has hit
it was only a matter of time as i have dreamt of quilting for yeeeeeaarrrs
this sneek peek (albeit blurry)
is for Tarnyia in WA
this is simply a gorgeous block
i am really happy how this turned out
guess what the centre piece is
so sweet...

this next one is for Natasha in Halifax
this is also gorgeous
i thoroughly enjoyed making these blocks and cannot wait to see what comes this way too
what fun swaps are, the whole process delights me
from the creator, where they live and how they are enjoying the process
carefully and lovingly making for someone they have never met
often little extra treats arrive as a total surprise
you cannot beat home made, handmade, heartmade
i thought i would also share with you a little treasure i picked up in my local thrift store
the designs in here are simple, sweet and totally divine
templates in tact and unused i think...well i guess they may have been traced
i, too, must remember this
isnt it just yummy
maybe a lap quilt for me dear ol ma ....
i need a month off work ...and a well equipped chalet to go hide in
all the sewing supplies i can wish for
and the occasional visit from my sweet darling grandchildren

have i told you
my darling daughter and her family are now living here in Aus
yep...here to stay...
and guess what...it gets better
they are here in the hills with us...the children are attending the local school at the end of my
one very very happy mama / nonna here
sew....what creating are you playing with?
sweet day and thanks for popping by....xx


TammyJ said...

Oh My Goodness Deb! I can't only imagine how very very Happy you are to have your big girl and her kiddies back near you! How wonderful for you all!

Donna said...

Hey you! Always love reading up on what you are crafting/sewing/stitching! I am not sure if you got my last email about catching up? Email me dear friend! Love D xox

Ceci said...

Oh wow! I bet that has brought a smile to your face...how lovely. :)
By the way I love your quilt..I think the mix of old and new would make it really unique.

jaki said...

So happy to hear you have your family near you again Deb!
I love the sneak peaks of the sewing that has been keeping you busy :)


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