Saturday, July 25, 2009

Here i sit

...beginning to imagine how it is going to be around here when my gorgeous family leaves in 8 days time...gosh...i guess as they are not here right now it adds to the mood. They stayed at Uncle Trent and Aunty Carmen's home last night the boys could play xbox. I bet they were up early..LOL
We had planned to go to the Tweed this morning for a bbq breaky and a swim/play in this little cove we know of. Such a goooorgeous spot, but as the beautiful morning we woke to begins to turn a shade of grey...i am not so sure that is such a great idea. Maybe we will leave the boys to their toys and us girls might go and indulge ourselves in some little lady pleasures..hee hee

Almost finished my little frock coat...cant wait to try it on little Juniper and share with you.
Until then...thank you for stopping me x


jaki said...

Oh Deb, I feel for you!
Glad you are having such a great time with them all though :)
Enjoy some girl time today if that's what you end up doing...we were planning a picnic lunch but don't know now either with this grey day!

Tammy James said...

oh Deb can't wait to see the lil frock coat! Only 8 days, I know you will make the most of and cherish each moment!

T. xx

Ceci said...

Oh hugs Deb...a bittersweet feeling it must be enjoying the last few days, have fun doing girly things! ;)


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