Monday, March 23, 2009

ho hum.....

I wish i had more to share. Just busy doing the usual and spending less time here. Some of the outside jobs are so boring and tedious..the only upside is that they will only need to be done once. We are currently taking down all avocado trees. Its so lovely to look out the window to see light and space....sunshine too. :) Also i am thinning the tropical side to my garden. Man do i despise palm trees. So ...again ..its great to be able to look through various different windows and see through what used to be quite dark really. Its starting to open up. I still have a job and a half ahead of me though...but remaining positive...not looking at the big picture.
My word for the year 'Happy' has failed me a bit...i do wish i could say i am strong and hold that..and hold it strong. I have my good days though. My gorgeous family are so supportive but my poor baby in the US...i have really cried to her. I cannot say i am know ...being the mother and all...should i not be the one to offer the shoulder?
My craft and love of has really taken a back seat. Why is it so hard to go seems to make me feel worse ...not sure how that works as i have always believed craft ..of any kind healing.
I think of my family and friends all the time. Love you all x


Melissa said...

Sending you some much needed strength and hugs and sunshine Deb.Hope it all comes together for you after all the long hours and hard work you are putting in.Sure it will though.
You will find your way back to your beloved craft when the time is right.It will always be there waiting for you

Amba said...


and you better not literally mean ALL the avocado trees.
my boys (and me!) will be devastated.
yossarian has been eating an entire avocado himself almost every day, sliced up, and i keep telling him how nonna has them just growing in her backyard to go pick!

jaki said...

Oh Deb, don't feel bad for needing your daughters goes both ways, yours will be there if ever she needs it!!
It shows what a great job you have done raising her that she can provide that support when you need it.

I feel the same way about palm trees.
I can't wait to visit and see all the hard work you are putting in.

Leah said...

I'm sure your daughter understands and it's great you have her shoulder to cry on. You will get your strength back, I'm sure of it.

Can't wait to see what you've done in the yard!


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