Monday, December 29, 2008

Those precious otp projects...

How do you display, care for them....i'm in a quandry....its too much to have them all on the mantlepiece !! would that not be a bit know..:) :)....archived in a box in the attic....holy cow....whats the point to begin with.....i guess i'm in a bit of a pull in two directions...i like nice clean lines...easy to care for in the home...annnnnnd i love my 'stuff' heart and soul goes into 'this stuff' .....surely i cannot just store it away......i know i dont have many friends out there yet, but perhaps you could share with me ...what do you do with all yoru gorgoeus OTP creations you adore :) I appreciate your comments ...thanks for stopping in to see me and love to you xx my friends


Melissa said...

HI Deb, I don't know whether you do it or not, but I spray mine with clear laquer, and then just showcase one at a time every month or so.Hope that helps.

BTW...woohoo about you getting the music on, and BOL with the DT positions

jaki said...

I'm loving the look of your blog, you have been busy!!
Happy to see you figured that slide show out and got it in the sidebar.

I really don't have anything to offer on the OTP as it is one of the things that stops me doing alot of it.
The main OTPs I have done have been Christmas related so thats no help as they only come out for a month of the year.


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